Why we have chosen this problem

            Now a days we hear from every where that it is only one step to the end of the world, that everything the mankind  has done and invented, leads to the destruction of human civilization. 

So we decided

  • To examine the problem from different sides,
  • To analyze and compare the most famous, greatest and unusual inventions.

Television(1920 s)

                 The invention that swept the world and changed leisure habits for countless millions was pioneered by  Scottish-born electrical engineer John Logie Baird.It had been realized for some time that light could be converted into electrical impulses, making  it possible to transmit  such impulses over a distance and then reconvert them into light.

Computer(20th  century)

                 The computer has been another life-transforming  invention.British mathematician  Charles Babbage designed a form of computer in the mind-1830s. Now a whole generation has grown up with  calculators, windows, icons, computer games and word processors, and the internet and e-mail have transformed communication and information. 

Airplane(Early 19th century)

                 The plane was the invention that helped shrink the world and bought distant lands withi easy reach of ordinary people.The invention of the petrol engine made flight feasible and the American wright brothers made the first flight in 1930.


                  Edinburgh-born scientist Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention of the telephone in 1876.The following year, the great american inventor Thomas Edison produced the first working  telephone. With telephones soon becoming rapidly available, the days of letter-writing became numbered.

Comparative characteristics of the best and worst inventions of humanity

The best inventions :

  • Bike (59%)
  • transistor(8%)
  • Electromagnetic induction(8%)
  • PC (6%)
  • Radio(5%)
  • Internet(4%)

The worst inventions :

  • Weapon(35%)
  • Cell phone(17%)
  • Nuclear energy(9%)
  • TV(9%)
  • Cigarettes(6%)
  • Fast foods(3%)

The most ridiculous inventions of the 20th century

  • 5. in 1954, spectacles for blind people were patented  in Britain, but during the presentation of the invention several people were injured.
  • 4. in 1970, American physicist Robert Creek announced the establishment of an apparatus cable of taking samples of soil from..... the sun-a sun walker.Creek spent about $1.5 million for this invention.
  • 3. in 1972, the Spanish camera man  Pinchot Jimenez tried to make the instrument for blowing out  a film.
  • 2. in 1985, in  France,  a device for wine tasting in the cup was patented. It is poured the wine, and after a few seconds light comes on the dash board.
  • 1. "Four-legged" tights. it is assumed that when a stocking is torn,  a women will hide it in the special pocket on the belt and get another stocking.


  • During the existence of human civilization people invented different things; they were useful,harmful or ridiculous.
  • Each invention has both positive and negative sides, so we cant calm that something is only useful but another is not.
  • The worst invention that can lead  our world to the end is a weapon.